Special Session on Future SDN: Security, Virtualization, Systems and Architectures

            SDN (Software-Defined Networking) has been promised as a next information transport infrastructure. Some SDN solutions have been deployed due to their benefits of features and functions. Recently, enhancements and expansions of SDN have been widely adopted to support more future services. This session would like to bring together of the future of SDN works with



The following interested topics, but not limit to:

  • Mobility in SDN
  • SDN and IoT
  • Security in SDN
  • Multicast in SDN
  • Virtualization in SDN
  • Application Management in SDN
  • Multi-domain in SDN

            Selected papers will be recommended to submit for publishing on Technical Journal (ISI Indexed), or ECTI Transaction on Computer and Information Technology (Scopus Indexed), Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences (Scopus Indexed), Journal of Internet Technology (ISI Indexed).


BĂ©atrice Paillassa      IRIT-ENSEEIHT, INP-Toulouse, France


  • Prof.Sanyoung Han      Kongkuk University, Korea
  • Quincy WU      National ChiNan University
  • Kuljaree Tantayakul      Prince of Songkla University

Technical Committee:

  • Chaodit Aswakul      CU, Thailand
  • Vara Varavithya      KMUTN, Thailand
  • Parin Sornlertlamvanich ,      Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand
  • Riadh Dhaou      IRIT-ENSEEIHT, INP-Toulouse, France
  • Touchai Angchuan      Prince of Songkla University
  • Chakatkit Thaenchaikun      Prince of Songkla University
  • Wasimon Panichpattanakul      Prince of Songkla University
  • Thossaporn Kamolphiwong      Prince of Songkla University
  • Sanguree Vasupongayya      Prince of Songkla University







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